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Active Cities for EU

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Handbook for public consultations 
at the local and regional level

What you will find here is a handbook to assist mainly local and regional authorities understand the importance of public consultations and organise them in a structured and efficient way. 

The content of the handbook follows the logic of designing a public consultation. Starting from the aim, the audience and the time, then moving to the methods and the tools.

And to help those who are reading the handbook to better understand how consultations work we included some examples: From Europe and the world (in short summaries) and from our partnership (in more details).

We also included links for those best practices so that users can use them and receive more information if they are interested.

We made an effort to present something simple, short and useful. In our research we did not find anything similar in English online. We found detailed guidebooks, short presentations and case studies but we do believe that a handy publication that any local/regional authority can easily use was missing.


And we used photos from our project to “dress” this handbook: This is of course a way to promote our content but we did it mainly because we think the spirit of our meetings represents exactly how public consultations should look: Simple, friendly and inclusive.


We hope you will be able to use it and to help you organise better consultations. Good luck!

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