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RegioCop LTD

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Meet RegioCop

Since its establishment in 2015 RegioCop LTD is specialized in communicating EU policies, through project implementation and media campaigns.

The company was running until 2020 the information portal EURACTIV.GR, the Greek language branch of EURACTIV.COM. The network, has about 100 journalists and branches in 12 European capitals, reporting on their local language.

Regiocop is granted contracts through tendering procedures, to support the European Commission and the Parliament as contractor or sub-contractor. The company also offers training services to local and regional authorities and private actors and carries profound experience in EU project management, with successful grant applications in various projects mainly focusing on media and citizens participation.

With an extensive network of partners and presence in Brussels, Greece, Cyprus and France RegioCop LTD offers quality services you need: 


EU funding

Support public authorities to access and manage EU funds.

Communication services

European outreach campaigns

Social media management

Political campaigns

Communication of policy results

Media services

Training services

Media training

Social media training

EU funds management

EU funds matchmaking

Staff members

RegioCop is working with professional project managers, journalists, social media experts and website developers, with an extensive experience on national and EU level and cooperation with institutions such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, local and regional authorities and NGOs.

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